Something Horrific Happened In Illinois A Century Ago And It Can Never Be Forgotten

In 1909, one of the worst tragedies in Illinois history occurred. It was one of the worst mining accidents in United States history. Both men and boys worked long hours at the Cherry Mine. One fateful day, nearly 500 men and boys were working. It was November 13, and the power had gone out. Work, however, could not stop. So the workers needed to work by the light of kerosene lanterns and torches. Unfortunately, a coal car that was filled with hay caught fire. For whatever reason, the fire was not taken seriously and it quickly fanned out. Some 200 men and boys made it to the surface. Several trips were made to save people, but the seventh trip proved unsuccessful, and everyone else burned to death. All in all, 259 men and boys died.

It’s easy to forget tragedies like this because they happened so very long ago, but it’s important to remember!

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