This Is The Single Craziest Thing You Never Knew Happened In Illinois

When you think of the horrors of the Civil War, not many people think of Illinois being a player. So you might not have known that one of the deadliest Confederate prison camps was located not only in Illinois, but in Chicago. Camp Douglas was one of the largest confederate prison camps in America. It became a prisoner of war camp in 1862. It was so crowded and filthy, full of disease and death that it gained the nickname “80 acres of hell.” Lack of medical attention and food led many prisoners to a slow, painful death. Most ended up dying from scurvy and smallpox. In all, the death toll was around 2,235 prisoners. But that estimate is probably about 1,000 people low. The conditions were deplorable, and despite it being such a tragedy, hardly anyone knows about it.

Many people never hear about this camp. Had you heard about it before?