Zim’s Is One Of The Gorgeous Hot Springs In Idaho You Can Still Visit In The Wintertime

There’s no better way to keep warm during this time of year than by visiting some amazing hot springs in Idaho. Our state is chock full of naturally heated pools, so choosing which one to visit next can be a daunting task. In fact, the Gem State boasts the most soakable hot springs in the country with a whopping 130 different hot springs that are suitable for swimming in. This winter, consider visiting the rustic Zim’s Hot Springs near New Meadows. The outdoor and perfectly heated pool is great for staying warm, even on the frostiest winter day.

What do you think? Are winter hot springs in Idaho in store for you this season? Let us know what you have planned in the comments below — we would love to hear from you! Looking for more wintery places to visit this season? Check out more destinations like this one with our list of the most luxurious hot springs in Idaho.

Address: 2995 Zims Rd, New Meadows, ID 83654, USA

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December 28, 2021

What are some of the best winter destinations in Idaho?

Some of the best winter destinations in Idaho include:

  • Sun Valley
  • McCall
  • Twin Falls
  • Driggs


Visiting Idaho during the wintertime can be one of the most magical and rewarding travel experiences. While the Gem State does experience its fair share of cold and snowy weather, this only adds to the allure of some of its top attractions. To make the most out of the cold-weather season, we’d recommend making a special effort to see one of Idaho’s many frozen waterfalls. While waterfalls are gorgeous year-round, there’s something positively enchanting about spotting a frozen one. Some of our favorite frozen waterfalls in Idaho include Ross Falls, Thousand Springs, Jump Creek Falls, Twin Falls, Bridal Veil Falls, Shoshone Falls, Centennial Park, and Idaho Falls. Next up on our winter itinerary would be a getaway at Western Pleasure Guest Ranch. Positively surrounded by beautiful scenery, this accommodation will make you feel worlds away from it all. Last but not least, how about dining at a restaurant you can only reach via gondola? That’s the exact experience you can have when you plan a visit to the Roundhouse in Sun Valley. For more inspiration, you can learn more about our favorite winter destinations in Idaho.

What’s the snowiest place in Idaho?

The snowiest place in Idaho is Island Park.

Idaho is no stranger to snow in the wintertime. However, if you’re curious as to what region of the state gets the most amount of snowfall each year, that title belongs to Island Park. This hidden gem of a small town receives an average annual snowfall of 211 inches! If you’re someone who loves snow and all of the recreational activities it inspires, this town belongs at the top of your radar. Learn more about what winter is like inside the snowiest place in Idaho.

Address: 2995 Zims Rd, New Meadows, ID 83654, USA

OnlyInYourState may earn compensation through affiliate links in this article.