The Charming Small Town In Idaho That Was Home To Picabo Street Once Upon A Time

Many incredible athletes call the Gem State home, including the well-known Picabo Street, an American Olympic athlete and former World Cup alpine ski racer. While many know Picabo for her ability on skis, many Idahoans don’t realize that her hometown is an itty-bitty community in central Idaho. In fact, Picabo is from the small town of Triumph — a community that many people have never heard of or even know exists.

Triumph, Idaho may certainly be small and not offer tons of activities, but it is still a town that many Idahoans should know about. It is one area where an incredible American athlete was born and raised.

Have you ever been to Triumph? Did you know about this small community? What other famous individuals grew up in Idaho?  Share your thoughts with us in the comments!

Address: Triumph, ID 83333, USA