12 Small Towns In Idaho Where Everyone Knows Your Name

It seems like no matter where you travel in Idaho, you’ll find a close-knit, small town community. While all of Idaho is renowned for its friendliness, you know the kind of community I’m talking about. The kind of town with that easy familiarity where, if you mention your Uncle Hank back home, odds are the person you’re talking to went to high school with him, dated his next door neighbor, or went on a fishing trip with him at some point. Here are 12 cozy, welcoming Idaho towns that have that friendly, congenial vibe down solid.

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Truth is, you’d be hard-pressed to find a place in Idaho where folks won’t remember you by name and welcome you into their world with open arms. It’s a great state! For more wonderful places to visit, check out this picture-perfect autumn town or these peaceful, quiet rural towns.