13 Unforgettable Road Trips To Take In Idaho Before You Die

With Idaho‚Äôs diverse landscape and seemingly endless miles of back-country roads, it’s no surprise to learn that just about any road trip you take in our gorgeous panhandled state is going to require a lengthy trek. These wild and unique excursions throughout the Gem State will lead you to some of the most unforgettable and historic places in our slice of paradise. Of course, because of the amount of drive time, it might be wise to break each of them up with an overnight stay or two so that you can fully drink in the stunning beauty around you, and take advantage of all of the hidden gems you’re sure to discover. With 2017 just starting, there’s no better time to plan a few family or bestie excursions for the remainder of the year!

To view the interactive Google Map of each mapped trip in a separate tab or window, simply click on the title or use the link beneath each map photo.

As we continue into the new year, stay tuned as we explore more of the best road trips and adventures in the state. If you’ve ever taken any of these trips or have your own to share, please do! And don’t forget to tag those photos as well!

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