Here Are 10 Islands In Idaho That Are An Absolute Must Visit

Like the perfect state that it is, Idaho – among its thousands of other beautiful landmarks and vistas – is also a tropical paradise. Just, without the palm trees. How amazing is that?!

Idaho’s primary lakes and rivers are FULL of islands, some of which are private, while others are accessible for swimming/day use only. Still others are available for a unique camping experience, but most are undeveloped (especially in Southern Idaho). You can check out a full list of Idaho’s officially named islands here, but we’ve selected just a few for you to check out that have that extra wow factor. So grab your boat, kayak, or canoe and go explore!

Who needs the crowded coast or expensive tropical vacations when we live in a state as gorgeous as Idaho? Which of Idaho’s dozens of islands have you been to? As always, if you’ve ever visited any of Idaho’s more obscure floating oases, we’d love to see your pictures!