This Hidden Beach In Idaho Will Take You A Million Miles Away From It All

While Idaho’s beaches aren’t home to the ebb and flow of moonlit ocean tides or the bittersweet crispness of salty sea air, our river and lakefront sand bars and lounging beaches are absolutely fantastic. And let’s be honest – no summer is complete without some sand and sun thrown in!

However, the downside to having such incredible beauty and pristine waterfront views is that Idaho’s most expansive beaches can get a little crowded in the summer heat. But there are still a few hidden gems throughout the state that get very little attention, effectively giving determined beach-goers their own private oasis. And the best part? They might as well be a million miles away from the rest of the world.

The Salmon River is renowned for its white water rafting opportunities, but few take the time to fully appreciate its delightfully sandy shores. Well, at some spots, anyways! OARS recently chose Billy Bar on the Lower Salmon River as a perfect beach gem that is only accessible by boat… and we rather agree!

Billy Bar can be found in section 12 of the river, aptly named for its location between Billy and Eagle creek. Check out this map by the BLM to navigate yourself to this and dozens of other sandy gems!