The Quiet Fishing Town In Idaho That Seems Frozen In Time

Any drive through rural Idaho will reveal the importance that our state places on history, values, and our true western roots. Tiny gem towns comprised of log cabins, quaint mercantiles, and old-time saloons remind us of where we came from while also looking blissfully photogenic.

But for all of Idaho’s historic towns that seem frozen in time, there is one particular community that boasts world-class opportunities in one of Idaho’s favorite family pastimes as well: fishing. The Gem State has always been known as an outdoorsy state, but casting a good old fashioned line into yonder fishing hole is one of those activities that even non-athletes can do and doesn’t take a lot of investment (unless you really want to). Just a rod and some good bait and the beautiful Idaho scenery to enjoy while you wait. It sounds so relaxing, doesn’t it?

But while the Hagerman Valley in southern Idaho is renowned for its trout production (it is the world leader, after all), a trip to Island Park further north on the border is repeatedly named in top fishing magazines as the place to be.. but it doesn’t hurt that this quaint fishing community is insanely beautiful as well!

Have you ever been to Island Park? Did you go for the fishing or for the scenery? We’d love to hear your special family memories!