If there’s one thing that Idahoans know for a fact it’s that we live in an area graced with unrivaled beauty, mystery, and history. The Gem State is an ever-evolving frontier at its core; even today, new hot springs are being discovered, rugged trails being reclaimed by nature to be replaced with fresh ones forged by wildlife, and new curves worn into rocky shores by the coursing ebb and flow of our wild and scenic rivers. “Incredible” is an understatement.

Majestic and inspired, Idaho’s wilderness and rural foundation is what sets us apart from the rest of the country. As individuals, we all have our favorite fishing holes, winter hideouts, and recreation spots, but at the end of the day, every nook and cranny comes together to form the spectacular, breathtaking landscape of our great state. Most of us only have the opportunity to experience Idaho’s stunning beauty up close and personal, but there’s something about a bird’s-eye perspective that can strike awe and wonder into the nature-lover’s heart, and make one realize just how expansive Idaho’s grandeur truly is.

Check out this drone footage below from Echo Aerial Imaging, LLC, which highlights just a few of Idaho’s awesome scenic areas — as though you needed to be reminded that you live in the most magical place on earth.

Pretty amazing, right? Another huge thank you to Echo Aerial’s team for their amazing job capturing and editing this footage. If you haven’t visited any of the places shown above, definitely add them to your summer travel list!

While you’re at it, let us know what other parts of Idaho you would like to see from from a bird’s-eye view, or send us your own footage of Idaho. You can also check out our drone videos of Central Idaho and Northern Idaho as well!

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