This Bird’s Eye View Of Central Idaho Will Take Your Breath Away

Central Idaho is without a doubt the heart of our state. Home to thousands of recreation opportunities, some of Idaho’s most impressive mountain ranges, and our most dangerous rivers and wilderness areas, every Idahoan should take an extended vacation here at least once in their lifetime to experience ultimate solitude and nature in all of its beauty.

If you’ve been following our waterfall road trip series lately, you know that there are a number of falls in Idaho’s center that add to the unsurpassed beauty of this region. So to get you hyped up for the journey, we’ve compiled some incredible drone footage that will get you in the mood for travel season, and give you a taste of what’s in store when you arrive.

Central Idaho is a lush oasis this time of year, especially in the heart of the wilderness.

Established in 1964 and containing over 1.3 million acres of rugged, glacier-carved scenery, the Selway-Bitteroot area is not simply a mossy, forested haven for backpackers, campers, outdoorsmen, and wildlife. This wilderness also houses one of the most sought-after river getaways in the U.S. – the wild and scenic Selway River, an under-explored challenge for courageous whitewater rafters.

Separated from the Frank Church Wilderness by only the brief stretch of the Magruder Corridor, this unspoiled portion of Idaho is so expansive that it spills over into Montana. But it’s sheer size is only one “small” reason why folks flock here. Clearly, the impressive waters, massive boulders, and dips and drops of the falls make quite the scenic backdrop.

This is also one of Idaho’s best-protected wildlife havens.

The South Fork of the Payette River is yet another rafting and kayaking opportunity for adventurous Idahoans, but just as lovely as the water itself is the Wildlife Scenic Byway that runs nearby. The dozens of elk you see grazing in this video are an Idaho treasure in their natural mountain habitat — absolutely stunning!

Agreed? Follow along and share as we explore every region of the Gem State up close and personal. What a beautiful state we live in! And a huge thank you to both West Fork Armory, LLC and Brian Hodge for the videos. They’re gorgeous!