What This Drone Footage Caught In Idaho Will Make Your Heart Pound

Here at Idaho Only, we brag about the mesmerizing scenery of our state pretty often. But sometimes, all the photos and articles in the world don’t do it justice! Come summer, there are two things that always top the list: we adore our lakes and beaches, and these incredible aerial videos of Northern Idaho feature just that!

Compiled and edited by Luke Barrett, these epic drone videos capture Idaho at its best. As you’re out traveling this weekend, wherever you happen to be, take some time to appreciate that our glorious Panhandle is a rich world of recreation, scenic beauty, and pristine geologic wonders. How many locations do you recognize?

Coeur d’Alene is Idaho’s largest Northern city. From the air, it’s even more magical!


Sandpoint is a waterfront mecca with hundreds of opportunities to relax and enjoy Idaho’s picturesque beauty.

Do these videos bring back fond memories or give you a little wanderlust? I don’t know about you, but they make me want to explore my state even more! A huge thank you to Luke Barrett for his incredible talent in capturing this footage; be sure to check out his other videos as well!