These 10 Candy and Chocolate Shops In Idaho Will Make Your Sweet Tooth Explode

Whether you’re the proud owner of a sweet tooth or a whole mouth full of sweet molars clamoring for all the sugary, gummy, or chocolate-smothered deliciousness you can get your hands on, everyone has a craving for sweets now and then. Fortunately, straight out of your wildest Candyland dreams, Idaho has a number of these old-fashioned confection shops ready to send you straight into chocolate heaven… or a delicious sugar coma. From potato fudge and handcrafted sweets to vintage favorites, these candy shops and chocolatiers know how to make a body swoon. Check it out!

Life is better with chocolate, am I right? Each of these wonderful businesses may boast delicious candy selections, but they also deserve a little love for keeping the old-fashioned tradition of candy-making alive and well. Fortunately, even if you’re a little too far from these wonderful shops, many of them supply their confections to other local gift shops and vendors – simply give them a call so you can taste what the fuss is all about!

Are there any other local shops that you would add to this list?