This Hidden Ice Cream Stand In Idaho Is To Die For And You’ll Want To Find It

Longtime Idahoans are probably very familiar with McCall. The cozy mountain town is a popular vacation destination for a reason. During the winter, it’s a wonderland of snow and beautiful ice sculptures. During the summer, Payette Lake provides an endless amount of summertime fun including kayaking, swimming, fishing, boating, and lots more. Maybe it’s the abundant recreation activities or the tight-knit community, but it just feels like there’s something special in the air here. It seems like every time you visit, you can discover something new to love about this little town! For example, this beloved ice cream stand has been a McCall tradition for decades and it’s a must-visit the next time you find yourself in town.

Did you know about this hidden ice cream stand? What a neat hidden gem! Nothing beats holding an ice cream cone on a hot summer day. Not unless it’s huckleberry flavored, of course! Check out these 10 Places With The Best Huckleberry Ice Cream In Idaho and make it your mission to visit a few in the upcoming months.