If You’re Sick, These 10 Hospitals In Idaho Are The Best In The State

Let’s take a step back from the upcoming travel season to acknowledge something important: if you’re going to explore the limits of our awesome state, you need to be in good health! Over 90,000 patients a day are admitted to U.S. hospitals and finding the one that will not only provide excellent healthcare but make your stay and/or visit as stress-free as possible often plays a huge role in recovery. Is the one your doctor recommended right for you?

There are dozens of factors that go into determining the best places to get medical care, but according to the U.S. News & World Report, these 10 hospitals are the best in the state. The methodology ranks hospitals based on 16 adult “specialty” treatments and 10 pediatric ones that are a combination of data and reputation. However, since no national ranking surveys have rated Idaho beyond its largest metro facilities, we’ve also done our best to search out award-winning facilities and their specialties throughout the state.


While we’ve chosen these 10 as the top in the state, there are dozens of small-town facilities that haven’t made headlines but are still well equipped and well-staffed to take care of you. Be sure to do your own additional research to find which hospital is most likely to get you back up on your feet ASAP!

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