The Tiny Shop In Idaho That Serves Homemade Ice Cream To Die For

Made clear by lines of children running after the local ice cream truck and according to one particularly famous children’s jingle, we all scream for ice cream. It’s a proven fact. And with temperatures warming up and spring officially here, what goes better with Idaho’s sunny blue skies than delicious homemade ice cream?

Sweet, melty, scooped into a cone, or blended into a shake, there’s just something about this childhood favorite that appeals to everyone! Fortunately, as the country’s top dairy producer, Idaho has plenty of options when it comes to this summertime treat. But one establishment seems to have honed in on something a little extra special: ice cream made by hand, locally sourced, and creatively served. Panhandle Cone & Coffee in Sandpoint is always coming up with new flavors, meaning you can keep going back all spring and summer long to find your favorite… and every day in between.

Summer will be here before you know it, and what a treat to have such a fantastic local gem right in our backyard! Of course, no one is doubting that ice cream is delicious year-round, so go ahead and have a cheat day – we won’t tell.