One thing is for sure – Idaho is a hiker’s paradise. Our incredible state has a trail for everyone from breathtaking mountain trails to riverfront trails to those that are best for the entire family to tag along. With hundreds of hiking trails in Idaho to choose from, it is easy to feel a little overwhelmed, but that’s where we come in. Below are some of the best hikes in Idaho to add to your bucket list. It is time to lace up those hiking boots and hit the trails!

Best Hikes In Idaho

Are you ready to tackle the best trails that Idaho has to offer? Below are some of the most popular trails in Idaho and those that we, and many other All Trails users from around the country, love to recommend.

Best Short and Easy Hikes In Idaho

Sometimes you just want to get outside but you don’t have the time or energy to go very far. The following hiking trails in Idaho are short and easy, perfect for no matter what your day, energy levels, or hiking party may look like.

Hardest Hikes In Idaho

If you are up for a challenge (and maybe an extraordinary backpacking adventure!), there are several challenging hikes in Idaho that you need to put on your bucket list. Just remember that these trails are not for beginning hikers – they are going to challenge you both mentally and physically.

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Best Waterfront Hikes In Idaho

There’s something special about hiking right next to the water. Whether you are following a river or even hiking to a lake, a day on the trails and by the water is the perfect way to forget about your daily stressors.

Best Winter Hikes In Idaho

When winter strikes in Idaho, you don’t have to stay cooped up indoors. In fact, this is a wonderful time to get out and explore. While there are some trails that are inaccessible during this time of year, there are others that may just make winter your favorite time of the year in the Gem State.

Best Hikes In Boise, Idaho

You may not realize it, but Boise is full of hiking trails that are perfect for the entire family. Many of these trails take you into the foothills and provide incredible city views, while others take you through the nearby forests and can be a bit more challenging. But no matter what, all of the best hikes in Boise will be unforgettable.

There truly is no better way to immerse yourself in the beauty of Idaho than on a hiking trail. In fact, the best trails help you fall in love with the Gem State all over again. However, before you go, regardless of the distance or difficulty level, make sure you are prepared. To help, check out our ultimate hiking packing list.

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Hiking Trails In Idaho

Does Idaho have good hiking trails?

Yes! Idaho is truly a hiker’s paradise as you can easily find trails for all skill levels, with varying distances, and in all types of terrain. From rugged and remote hikes to easy paved pathways, there is always something for you. Here are some good hiking trails in Idaho:

You can find great hiking trails in every corner of the state and almost every state park. Make sure you do your research before you explore any hike in Idaho, particularly those in the backcountry. These areas of Idaho can be quite wild and dangerous.

What are the best months to hike in Idaho?

The best time to hike in Idaho depends on where you are going. If you are hiking in higher elevations, like one of Idaho’s many alpine lakes, late summer is ideal as most of the snow along the trail will finally have melted. However, for many other hikes, April to October are ideal. If you plan to hike during Idaho’s summer months, it can be quite hot and buggy – so always come prepared with bug spray and plenty of water. Also, you will want to watch out for bears and rattlesnakes as they can be found along many of the Gem State’s trails.

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