Every Winter, Up To 80 Bald Eagles Make The Famous Eagle Tree In Idaho Their Temporary Home

Winter is paradise for bird watchers in Idaho. It’s during this time of year that we see several species of migrating birds taking up residence in the Gem State for a short time before moving on to somewhere else. Waterfowl are especially abundant, such as mallards and Canadian geese, but one of the most exciting birds to pass through Idaho this time of year are bald eagles. Seeing a bald eagle firsthand is a mesmerizing experience. As one of America’s greatest icons, bald eagles are majestic birds that can take your breath away with a single glance. There are lots of great eagle watching spots here in Idaho, but the famous Eagle Tree is an especially fantastic place to visit.

Did you know about the famous Eagle Tree? Seeing these bald eagles, even for just a short time, is simply a magical experience. Check out more destinations where you’ll likely spot some eagles with this list of 7 Majestic Spots To Watch Bald Eagles In Idaho This Winter. 

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