This Unassuming Backyard Restaurant In Idaho Is Actually A Culinary Gem

Shhh, we’ve got a secret for you. Idaho is one of the most underrated foodie destinations in the world. It’s true. Our state may not be known for world-class dining options, but believe us…they’re here! You just have to go out and find them. Sometimes you accidentally stumble upon a culinary gem without even trying. That’s what most people experience when they dine at this charming backyard restaurant. This place may not look like a five-star restaurant. Heck, it doesn’t even look like a restaurant at all. However, you’re about to find out that there is much more this place than how it appears.

Doesn’t this backyard restaurant look absolutely enchanting? Idaho is certainly full of surprises. Check out these 7 Hidden Restaurants In Idaho That Are Worth The Search for more hidden gems!

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