The Unsuspecting Idaho Truck Stop Where You Can Pull Over And Have An Amazing Meal

When choosing a place to dine out, the nearest truck stop usually isn’t high on our list. Let’s be honest. Gas station food has a horrendous reputation, but sometimes you have to settle when you find yourself on-the-go and short on time. However, there’s one truck stop in Idaho that actually serves up some pretty tasty food. This place is a good alternative to picking up fast food and it’s bound to leave you with enough energy to take on the road again. Don’t judge this truck stop by its appearance. You’ll actually be surprised by what you find here!

Have you dined at this truck stop before? This place just goes to show that you should never judge a restaurant by its exterior! If you thought this place was unique, just wait until you see This One Old Timey Truck Stop In Idaho With The Best Food Ever.