The Beautiful Abandoned Spot In Idaho That’s Hidden In Plain Sight

It’s no secret that there is a simple, whimsical nostalgia to trains and rail travel that dates back to old steamers of the 1800s and on up to the modern locomotive – the clickity-clack of tracks underway, the gorgeous landscape panoramas in the distance, the excitement of every whistle. Nearly every Idahoan has grown up with a railroad in their backyard or fallen asleep to the sound of distant cars lumbering over the tracks!

While train travel is no longer an option in the Gem State, there’s a unique beauty to be found in old railbeds, their remnants, and even the ornate train stations that still stand proudly in many cities. (Don’t believe me? Check out our Historic Train Depot Road Trip here!) One particularly magnificent sight? An abandoned railroad that boasts a century’s worth of history, a worldwide reputation that still stands the test of time, and a heartbreaking story of beauty and tragedy.

A special shoutout to Jeff Zenner Photography for contributing some of the awesome photos above!

Have you ever seen any portion of the Camas Prairie Railroad in person? For another phenomenal sight in the Camas Prairie, Idaho’s annual canola bloom is unexpected, colorful, and positively mesmerizing.