The 14-Mile Scenic Drive In Hawaii You Will Want To Take As Soon As You Can

Throughout the Hawaiian Islands, you will find unsurpassed natural beauty everywhere you go. While there are some wonders that can only be seen via strenuous hiking trails or crazy expensive helicopter tours, there are others that simply require a vehicle. Even though we can’t take a traditional road trip like our friends on the mainland, the Hawaiian Islands are home to several incredibly stunning scenic roads just waiting to be discovered. And while all of these drives are stunning in their own way, today, we’re taking a look at a 14-mile drive that is sure to leave you breathless.

Have you ever driven the winding road to the Grand Canyon of the Pacific? Did you know that it’s considered to be one of Hawaii’s most terrifying drives? Sound off in the comments below, then join our Hawaii Nature Lovers Facebook group to share the photos you’ve taken in Waimea Canyon.