Here’s Hawaii’s Most Underrated Town… And You’ll Want To Visit

The Hawaiian Islands are full of miles of striking coastline, picturesque towns, and luxury resort areas, so it makes sense that a small inland town on the island of Oahu doesn’t generally receive much praise. And while we love our beautiful beaches as much as the next person, sometimes you want to escape the hoards of tourists, as well as the hustle and bustle of Hawaii’s capital city. That’s when you retreat inland for the day, and treat yourself to mouthwatering food, stellar coffee, and some fascinating attractions in the often overlooked Wahiawa: the literal heart of Oahu.

Home to more than 16,000 residents, Wahiawa is located between the island’s two volcanic mountain ranges on Route 99, the road most commonly taken by those traveling to the North Shore from Honolulu. But if you were to stop in town and take a look around, you would see that there is more than meets the eye in this small inland city – in fact, here are 13 places to check out the next time you’re passing through. We think it might even be worthy of its own day trip.

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