This Beautiful But Deadly Swimming Hole In Hawaii Is Not For The Faint Of Heart

Located in the town of Princeville on Kauai’s north shore is a unique tide pool known as Queen’s Bath. A sinkhole surrounded by igneous rock, this incredible geological formation is not only a vibrant turquoise pool set in the striking black lava shoreline, but it is also a dangerous lava bench exposed to deadly high surf.

To witness first-hand the risks associated with Queen’s Bath without actually putting yourself in danger, check out this scary video uploaded by Viral Videos Stuff at the end of May.

As the temperatures in Hawaii rise, surf conditions get calmer, and summer vacationers arrive, we can’t tell you that hanging out at Queen’s Bath should be avoided, but we would like you be aware of the potential risks, and remind you to always check the surf reports, heed caution, never play near the lava’s edge, and don’t turn your back on the ocean. Be careful out there, my fellow Hawaii adventurers.