One Of The Oddest Geological Wonders Is Located Right Here In Hawaii

Throughout our beautiful islands, between miles of incredible beaches, you will find absolutely jaw-dropping lava rock-lined coastline. The Hawaiian Islands are chock-full of incredible geological formations, including lava tubes, coastal rock formations, and magnificent tide pools. Combining all three of these lava formations, the Mokolea Lava Pools are easily one of Hawaii’s most incredible – and odd – geological wonders.

Here is your friendly warning about the risks of checking out any of Hawaii’s tide pools when ocean conditions are less than favorable; waves can still crash into these tide pools, and it is advised that you check ocean conditions before you head to any of them. You should also be careful where you step, as the lava rocks can be razor sharp, and absolutely, under no circumstances, should you face your back to the waves, unless you want to be swept out to sea.

Now that we’ve talked about safety for a moment, be sure to add these eight awesome tide pools to your Hawaii bucket list.