Here Are 8 Hawaii Tide Pools That Will Make Your Weekend Epic

Who doesn’t love a good pool party? While there is no shortage of man-made, oceanfront pools in Hawaii, nature’s pools offer a little more whimsy, and a lot more adventure. The lava rock lined coasts of the Hawaiian Islands provide create perfect conditions for tide pools, ideal for snorkeling, or just a nice, relaxing float.

Before we reveal our favorite tide pools, we should probably give you a warning about the risks of checking out tide pools when ocean conditions are less than favorable; waves can still crash into these tide pools, and it is advised that you check ocean conditions before you head to any of them. You should also be careful where you step, as the lava rocks can be razor sharp, and absolutely, under no circumstances, should you face your back to the waves, unless you want to be swept out to sea.

Please remember to always check ocean conditions and proceed with extreme caution when checking out any of these tide pools. Which of these is your favorite spot to explore?