This Stunning But Illegal Hawaii Hike Will Blow Your Mind

There is absolutely no doubt about it: the Hawaiian Islands are home to some of the world’s greatest hiking trails. And while there are plenty of incredible trails across the islands perfect for beginners, one of the most famous trails is also one of the most dangerous: the Stairway to Heaven. Located on the windward coast of Oahu, the official name of this hike — the one you would see on the trailhead if you dared to visit for yourself — is Haiku Stairs. The grueling climb totals approximately 3,922 steps and is both quite strenuous and dangerous in addition to being completely off-limits.

If you want to experience the incredible hike without all the potential consequences — both legal and safety-related — check out this YouTube video from Thomas Fisker Engbjerg, who was more than determined to complete this hike.

Engbjerg writes that, though he was sent away at the stairs, he spent four hours climbing up the mountain and around the guard to reach the stairs at a higher elevation. With absolutely breathtaking views and steep drop-offs on either side of the ridge, the Haiku Stairs are undoubtedly one of the most awe-inspiring hikes in the Aloha State — and maybe even the entire world.

Until the Stairway to Heaven is legalized, though, I wouldn’t be caught dead on this hike. Instead, you might find me tackling the much easier Friendship Gardens trail nearby or perhaps just lounging on the breathtaking Waimanalo Beach.

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Hiking In Hawaii

May 18, 2020

What are the most beautiful hikes in Hawaii?

The Hawaiian Islands are home to truly stunning hiking trails that criss-cross the islands. Leading to stunning waterfalls, overlooks, unique volcanic features, and so, so much more, here are some of the most beautiful trails in the Aloha State. One of the most popular trails for continuous jaw-dropping views is the Pipiwai Trail, which meanders through a bamboo forest and passes by several cascading waterfalls as well as a massive banyan tree and a few lookout points.

Which hikes in Hawaii are short and sweet?

While you will undoubtedly find several long, potentially dangerous trails in Hawaii, there are plenty of hikes that are both short and sweet. Embark on what we consider to be the islands’ shortest and sweetest hike — Ualaka’a Trail — or any of these picture-perfect trails that lead to fabulous destinations.

What are the best hikes with a view in Hawaii?

Let’s be honest: it’s hard to find a hike in Hawaii that doesn’t feature at least one stunning view, but some trails stand out above the rest when it comes to vistas that will take your breath away. While almost everyone has heard of — or experienced — the view of Honolulu from the summit of the Diamond Head Crater, we are particularly obsessed with the view of leeward Oahu from Pu’u O Hulu Kai, an underrated switchback trail that’s sure to get your heart pounding.

Address: John A. Burns Fwy, Kaneohe, HI 96744, USA