There certainly are perks associated with living on a beautiful tropical island paradise in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, but there are also some risks that come with the territory. From giant centipedes and cockroaches to hurricanes and volcanic eruptions, here are some of the biggest dangers of living in Hawaii, and how to help you be prepared.

The dangers of living in Hawaii are definitely different from those of other places, but most of us think the risk is worth it. What other risks do we face in our beautiful island paradise? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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Dangers of Living in Hawaii

Is it dangerous to live in Hawaii?  

Overall, living in Hawaii is no more dangerous than most other places; in fact, it’s one of the states with the lowest violent crime rates! The national average hovers right around 403 violent crimes per 100,000 people, but the Hawaiian average is 260 violent crimes per 100,000 residents, making it almost 37% safer than the rest of the nation. Of course, there are other things in Hawaii – both living and simply of nature itself – that command your respect, lest you fall victim to them. Things like... 

What are some of the risks of living in Hawaii?  

...the natural risks of living in Hawaii! You certainly don’t have to worry about man-made problems here as much as you would in many of the states on the mainland, but Hawaii is something else when it comes to the potentially dangerous natural world. Some of the risks of living in Hawaii are the volcanoes, some of which erupt fairly often – and many that haven’t erupted in a long, long time, ensuring their readiness to explode eventually, at a time we may least expect it. The ocean is another dangerous aspect of life in Hawaii, with high tides and the occasional ultra-large rogue wave (which have killed folks in the past by sweeping them out to sea). Other risks of living in Hawaii include flash flooding and dangerous critters like box jellies and Portuguese Man-O-Wars.  

What is life in Hawaii like? 

Of course, you cannot let any of these things affect your life in Hawaii – it's quite wonderful here, and anyone will tell you so. Hawaii prides itself in what we call the Aloha Spirit; it’s a special vibe around here that you simply won’t find anywhere else – not even in other places commonly referred to as “paradise”. There are tons of breathtaking natural wonders in Hawaii that, if you lived here, you would be surrounded by, as well as amazing state parks in Hawaii, incredible geological wonders in Hawaii, and so much more. Life in Hawaii is beautiful – as beautiful as the islands themselves!