A beef patty nestled into a bed of rice with a fried over-easy egg balanced on top, with a smothering of brown gravy bringing everything together. This is the loco moco, and it is absolutely to die for. Said to have originated in the 1940s, the dish is the epitome of Hawaiian plate-lunch cuisine. It can satisfy the raging appetite of a surfer or hiker, or even cure the occasional hangover. Because the loco moco may not be something you want to eat on a regular basis, you’ve really got to make the best choice possible. Cafe 100, located in Hilo on Hawaii Island, is not only said to have invented the loco moco, but the unassuming eatery has rave reviews.

The loco moco is easily one of Hawaii’s most iconic foods, but we urge you to try these 14 foods and beverages as well. Oh, and here are the best places to get said Hawaiian classics.

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