8 Towns In Georgia That Made Santa’s Naughty List This Year

Unfortunately. this year there are a few Georgia towns that may receive coal in their stocking. Now, we’re not talking murder and mayhem within these town limits that led to being considered the worst. But instead, we’re talking about towns in Georgia which have had the most statistically upsetting numbers, whether that be highest unemployment rates, per capita crime, and low education factors, just to name a few. In fact, these findings are in accordance with FBI crime data, Bureau of Labor Statistics, and census information. You may be surprised at some of these places that made the list. Here they are without further adieu, the naughtiest spots in Georgia.

Now, this list doesn’t necessarily mean that these towns don’t have solid, kind, hard-working citizens and are full of interesting history. It just means that statistically, they may not be getting a friendly visit from Santa this year.

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