People Drive From All Over For The Fried Green Tomatoes At This Charming Georgia Cafe

There have been a number of classic movies filmed in Georgia, and one of the most beloved is “Fried Green Tomatoes.” This 1991 comedy was nominated for two Academy Awards. It centers around an elderly nursing home patient telling her friend stories about her younger days in the little town of Whistle Stop. Whistle Stop is a fictional place, but the movie was filmed at a specially-constructed cafe in the then-almost-ghost town of Juliette, Georgia. The Whistle Stop Cafe that was built for the film is still open today and is a thriving staple of Juliette’s community. Fans of the film and the novel it is based on drive from all over to enjoy the delicious fried green tomatoes at this small town cafe in Georgia.

For more information about the Whistle Stop Cafe, check out the cafe’s website.

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Address: Whistle Stop Cafe Gift Shop, 446 McCrackin St, Juliette, GA 31046, USA