13 Reasons Why Western Georgia Is The Most Underrated, Yet Exciting Part Of The State

I think we need to have a quick chat about one of the most underrated places in the South. Everyone seems to fangirl over Northern Georgia for the mountains, nature, and incredible waterfall opportunities (The Ultimate North Georgia Road Trip Is A Perfect Natural Adventure). Then you have Southern Georgia, which is often overlooked, but once you see what really is going on right by the Florida border, you’ll be in for a treat (10 Reasons Why Southern Georgia Might Just Be The Best Part Of The State). Then of course, you have the eastern side of things, which really between Savannah and the ocean and Brunswick stew, you can’t get much better than that. But what about Western Georgia? Why have we forgotten about this part of the state?

The good news is, we haven’t, and here are 13 reasons why Western Georgia is the most underrated, yet exciting part of the whole state.

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