The Unique Festival That Will Absolutely Mesmerize Georgians

Last year, Centennial Park in Atlanta opened up to the biggest Chinese lantern festival Georgia has ever seen. In case you missed it, there is good news: On November 4, 2017 a different kind of lantern festival will be geared toward Georgia residents, in order to create an incredible illumination for the senses. Imagine thousands of Georgians gathered together for food, dancing, live music and then a mesmerizing eruption of lanterns into the night sky. This is one of the most unique festivals for Georgia and truly an exhilarating event you do not want to miss. Check it out.

There is a caveat that everyone in Georgia who wishes to attend–it falls outside the state limits. Due to heavy restrictions in the Atlanta area, Lights Fest must be held in Mumford, Alabama at the Talladega GP Parkway. However, November 4th is specifically catered to Atlanta residents and Georgia lovers alone, with another night being geared toward Alabama residents.

Thanks to The Lights Fest YouTube page, you can see for yourself what the event is all about;

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