Georgia is filled with an abundance of wildlife. Some people like swimming with dolphins, while others take a more dangerous approach and swim with sharks. But what if you went in an entirely different direction and swam with some of the most adorable aquatic animals around? That’s right, Georgians, we mean otters! At the North Georgia Wildlife Park, there are otter experiences that are entirely unique. Spend an afternoon learning all about these gentle creatures and see what it’s like to have some one-on-one otter bonding time.

Have you ever been to the North Georgia Wildlife Park before? Share with us your experience in the comments section! If you happened to swim with otters, we would love to hear from you! Georgia has no shortage of wonderful places to see wildlife!

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Cool Attractions In Georgia

What are the most enchanting man-made wonders in Georgia?

The most enchanting man-made wonders in Georgia include:

  • Providence Canyon. This is a man-made canyon that resembles the Grand Canyon that reaches depths of 150 feet.
  • Lilburn Temple. This is a beautiful temple made with over 34,000 hand-carved limestone, marble, and sandstone stones.
  • Howard Finster’s Paradise Garden Foundation. There are over 40,000 pieces of art made of every kind of object in this amazing garden.
  • The Cathedral of St.John the Baptist. This is perhaps the most beautiful cathedral in the state and is an architectural marvel.

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What are the most unique attractions in Georgia?

The most unique attractions in Georgia include:

  • Lego Atlanta. The Legoland Discovery Center has a replica of Atlanta built entirely out of Lego pieces.
  • Booth Western Art Museum. As the largest Western art museum in America, this museum has amazing exhibits including Civil War battle paintings.
  • Waffle House Museum. Many have had a late-night breakfast at a Waffle House. This museum holds Waffle House items spanning 60 years.
  • Space Bank. Located in Alma, this bank from 1966 looks like something from The Jetsons and other 60’s sci-fi sets.

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What are some hidden-gem attractions in Georgia?

Some hidden-gem attractions in Georgia include:

  • Nacoochee Mount. This ancient burial mound is part of the Etowah Mounds and is filled with archaeological history.
  • Old Car City. This is a rusting collection of old-fashioned cars from over the decades that will bring back a lot of nostalgia.
  • The Paris Market & Brocante. This is one part museum, one part store, one part cafe, and one part European marketplace.
  • Fort Frederica. This old fort from 1736 was used by the British to fight off the Spanish and is an intriguing historical ruin.

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