Here Are The 10 Smartest Cities In Georgia To Live In

Georgia is full of educated folks. Just look at how many colleges and high-ranking high schools we have in our  state! The average high school graduation rate in America is 80% and Georgia’s high school graduation rate is 86.3%. That’s not bad if you ask me. If you want to know which cities in Georgia have the most smarty-pants, here are the 10 smartest cities to live in:

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These statistics are based off of the percentage of residents obtaining a high school degree or a bachelor’s degree. All of these numbers came from the United States Census Bureau and you can input your city to see education facts as well as business, traffic, ethnic make-up and other facts about where you live.

Not surprisingly, most of these cities are also some of the richest cities in the state and a few are also on my “best cities in Georgia to find a job” list as well. What do you think of these cities? Are there any that are missing off the list? Tell me in the comments below.