Head To South Georgia To Visit Cedar Lane Supper Club, A Charming, Old-Fashioned Restaurant

Supper clubs are more common in the upper Midwestern U.S. than they’ve ever been in the South, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have old-fashioned supper clubs in Georgia. The destinations are intended to serve as both restaurants and social clubs where the evening can be spent enjoying food, socialization, and often live entertainment. If you’re looking for just such an old-fashioned restaurant in Georgia, look no further: Cedar Lane Supper Club in McRae-Helena is what you need. This spot is off the beaten path, but it’s got a great atmosphere, delicious food, and a huge salad bar.

To find out more about Cedar Lane Supper Club, check out the restaurant’s Facebook.

Address: Cedar Lane Supper Club, 150 Grahamville Rd, McRae-Helena, GA 31055, USA