You Can See A Civil War Fort At This Museum Near Savannah, Georgia

Georgia played an important role in the Civil War. We’re famous, of course, for Sherman’s March to the Sea and for battles at Chickamauga, Kennesaw, and more. We also have a Civil War fort in Georgia that’s now a National Monument and museum open for tours. Fort Pulaski is just outside of Savannah and is one of the most historic places in the state. This fascinating museum is a great place to learn about what an important role the Peach State played in the Civil War.

Today, Fort Pulaski is a military monument and museum open to the public. Tours are self-guided and there are plenty of interesting exhibits and displays to check out that are educational and fun.

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Address: Fort Pulaski National Monument, 101 Fort Pulaski Rd, Savannah, GA, USA