Take The Haunted Trolley Tour In Georgia To Discover Secret Haunts Only The Gravediggers Know

Let’s face it, Savannah is pretty darn haunted. As beautiful and wonderful as this charming Georgia city is, there is a dark side that to its history that many do not see. However, one of the best times to explore Savannah and get an entirely different view is during the month of October. The month of Halloween brings out all the haunts and happenings in Georgia, and we have something that is authentically cool as it can get.

Are you ready to climb aboard the most haunted trolley tour in Georgia? The tour departs nightly, subject to availability. Boarding on 302 E River St., the trolley is only available for guests age 6 and older. Children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult. The week of Halloween gets very busy so make sure to reserve your tickets in advance! To find out reservation information, visit their website.