Driving Down This Haunted Georgia Road Will Give You Nightmares

Most of us love a good ghost story— with the chills running up and down our arms, and the adrenaline pumping at full-speed throughout our bodies. Many people seek out scary experiences just to feel the rush. If you’re the type of person who loves a good haunting, then you must drive through Ebenezer Swamp in the Gullah territory of Savannah. There are a few different myths and legends surrounding this area, but none of which top the legend of the “Skin Stealers.” Driving down this Georgia swamp road just might give you the thrill of a lifetime—or a nightmare that you’ll never forget.

Have you been to Ebenezer Swamp? Let us know if you’ve felt any eerie vibes while you were there. We’d love to hear a ghost story straight from the source!