The Georgia Superstition That Will Give You Wealth, Luck, And Happiness In 2020

New Year’s Eve superstitions vary from state to state, country to country, and culture to culture. From the superstitions involving the “first footer” or first person to cross the threshold of your house after midnight, to not washing any article of clothing on New Year’s Day, superstitions can be quite unusual. However, there is one New Year’s superstition in Georgia that has held strong from the days of Sherman’s March through the state during the Civil War. By eating this particular dish on New Year’s Day, you’re in the running for a healthy dose of prosperity, luck, and happiness for the upcoming year.

Is this one of the Georgia traditions your family participates in? Share your stories with us! Or better yet, share with us how you prepare your black eyed peas ;).

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New Year's Superstition in Georgia

November 01, 2019

Are there any other superstitions in Georgia?

While there are plenty of Georgia traditions to mention, when New Year’s rolls around, people often wonder about the Georgia superstitions in order to bring in good luck the following year. In the South, there are quite a few crazy superstitions worth mentioning, from not having bare cupboards in the new year to not taking out the trash until January 2nd. It seems a bit strange, but growing up in Georgia meant that your superstitions were just as important as your resolutions. For instance, nothing goes out of the house until January 2nd, otherwise, you risk losing things during the upcoming year.

What are the most popular traditions in Georgia?

There are a few popular traditions in Georgia that most southerners can relate to. Traditions involving sports, for instance, are huge, depending on which sport you’re rooting for. For example, ringing the chapel bell after a Georgia football victory is a big tradition. Other Georgia traditions revolve around food. Some might say that having a barbecue on certain holidays is a tradition, while some might consider going to church every Sunday and Wednesday to be their own personal tradition. Traditions in Georgia can be as simple as greeting someone by saying “sir” or “ma’am” or sitting on the porch for hours with family just enjoying the peace and quiet.

What is the most bizarre superstition in Georgia?

Sometimes coming across Georgia superstitions that are a bit wacky is the most fun of all. There are quite a few ridiculous things that we, as human beings, do in order to bring about luck and ward off evil. Some of these superstitions though have no rhyme or reason, but yet, we do them anyway. Perhaps the most bizarre superstition to come out of Georgia involves Halloween. Supposedly if you catch a snail on Halloween and place it in a covered dish, the next day there will be a trail of slime from the snail that will be the first letter of your future sweetheart’s name.