Enjoy Fair Foods All Year Round At This Unique Georgia Restaurant

No matter your age, one of the best parts about going to the fair is the deliciously intense experience that is fair food. Funnel cakes, snow cones, gourmet ice cream: does it get any better? In the past, you’ve had to wait until the fair or a festival in Georgia comes around to enjoy these tasty treats, but not anymore! The Carnival Eats and Treats has opened up near Roswell, and you can now get funnel cake any time of year. You don’t even have to put up with the motion sickness that comes from riding the Gravitron one too many times. Check it out:

For more information about The Carnival Eats and Treats, check out the restaurant’s website or Facebook page.

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Address: The Carnival, 8725 Roswell Rd Suite F, Atlanta, GA 30350, USA