A Terrifying, Deadly Storm Struck Georgia In 1898… And No One Saw It Coming

Truth be told, Georgia is fairly lucky when it comes to hurricanes. I use the term lucky loosely, because there still has been considerable damaged done by these monster storms in the past. However, for some reason, Georgia never seems to get the brunt of the storm. Why, you ask? There is a scientific explanation, believe it or not. Georgia has a curved coastline, which makes it much harder to attract a direct hit. Not to mention, our state has fewer miles of coast than neighboring states of Florida or South Carolina, both of which have endured their share of Atlantic hurricanes.

However, there was a storm, deadly and catastrophic, that hit our great state over a century ago. The 1898 Georgia Hurricane (at this point hurricanes were not being named) was the strongest hurricane on record in the state. It was a storm that would never be forgotten.

Quite a doozy, I’m afraid. Did you have any family members who lived through this storm?

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