Serving a prison sentence is, of course, meant to be corrective rather than luxurious. But there are certain standards that all prisons are supposed to adhere to, particularly the physical safety of all incarcerated people. And there are some prisons in Georgia that are just downright scary. The worst prisons in Georgia are the types of places that lack the basic human privileges of most, like protection against violence, or even decent meals and exercise facilities. Some of these prisons have conditions that hover around dangerous levels for the people who are incarcerated inside them and should improve their facilities. If you have ever found yourself wondering what the most dangerous prison in Georgia is, read on to find several contenders.

Although prisons may be a necessary evil in society, these facilities should definitely be made safer than they have been in the past and include the basic protections that are required of them. Do you know of any other prisons that just give you the chills? Have you heard any stories about these or other prisons that you want to contribute? Let us know about them in the comments section.

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