It Was So Cold In Georgia In 2014, Multiple Low Temperature Records Were Set Across The State

Northern states typically laugh at us Southerners come wintertime. If you’ve ever discussed winter in Georgia with someone who lives in the Midwest or New England, their response was probably something like “does it snow in Georgia?” Those of us who live here know that it indeed does snow in the Peach State, particularly in the northern climes. We may not get the several feet of powder that other states do, but even just a few inches of snow can be dangerous here. Our citizens are generally not well-practiced at driving on icy roads, basic equipment like snow tires and snow plows are uncommon, and many people lack warm outerwear suitable for sub-freezing temperatures. Over the last few decades, we’ve had several especially cold winters in Georgia, and one of the coldest of all was in 2014.

Do you look forward to winter weather each year and find yourself praying for a white Christmas, or are you all about summertime in the Peach State? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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