Forget Tokyo and Washington D.C. – this small town in Georgia will blow you away with its stunning cherry blossom display. In fact, it’s the official Cherry Blossom Capital of the World. Macon hosts the annual International Cherry Blossom Festival, and there’s no other place like it around. If you’re looking for cherry blossoms in Georgia, you won’t want to stop anywhere else.

Here’s why this unassuming small town is the perfect place to enjoy nature in Georgia:

The blossoms are already in full swing in Macon. Their International Cherry Blossom Festival ends in early April, but the cherry trees are in their peak throughout the month. There’s no better time or place to see cherry blossoms in Georgia than Macon in the spring.

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Cherry Blossoms In Georgia

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Macon has a ton of history, especially for music fans. The town may not be as world-famous as Atlanta, but it is home to the Allman Brothers Museum and the Georgia Sports Hall of Fame. There are a few beautiful historic cemeteries, most notably the Rose Hill Cemetery, and there are also some fantastic museums, like the Tubman Museum. The architecture downtown is gorgeous and there are plenty of phenomenal restaurants to check out. One of the state's most popular annual festivals is Bragg Jam, a music and arts event held each July in Macon.

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