The One Georgia Cave That’s Filled With Ancient Mysteries

The history of Georgia is perhaps one of the most fascinating in the country – especially when it comes to natural and geographic wonders. Georgia cave systems have been around for centuries, many of which still remain a mystery to us all. This one cave, in particular, has origins unknown and might just be one of the most spectacular cave systems around.

Disclaimer: Despite being a public cave, it is highly encouraged that explorers are not venturing out on their own without experience or professional guides. This cave is dangerous and requires the appropriate equipment and gear. Do not forget to talk to rangers at the park and advise them of when you are returning.

Thanks to YouTuber David Studard you can see firsthand what Sitton’s Cave exploration looks like:


To find Sitton’s Cave in Cloudland Canyon State Park, use the address below:

122 Cloudland Canyon Park Rd, Rising Fawn, GA 30738-4324

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