This Map Shows The Shortest Route To 7 Of Georgia’s Most Incredible Caves

One of the coolest parts about natural Georgia that most people don’t realize, is that there are tons of discovered caves and caverns just waiting to be explored. In fact, it’s been noted that more than 500 caves have been discovered in our great state! Some of the caves are more notable, while others remain quite elusive. We’ve decided to come up with the ultimate itinerary in exploring some of the most beautiful caves in Georgia, perfect for a weekend summer adventure worth remembering.

The entire trip takes less than 2 hours driving time, but can absolutely be extended for a full weekend, especially once you’re able to explore inside the caves. For the full itinerary and exact location of each cave, click here. Annnnd now onto our first cave!

Even if you aren’t an experienced spelunker or cave explorer, it’s still fun to hike to these entry points and know that they dive deep into the core of Georgia. Also, there may even be cave tours or guides with whom you can use to enter the cave and explore down below with a professional!

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