This Bargain Hunters Road Trip Will Take You To The Best Thrift Stores In Georgia

Do you ever get the hankering to just spend a whole weekend shopping your lil heart out? Naturally, this is common practice for those who love a good Georgia antique hunting experience, but what about those who want to step outside of the antique box and thrift shop instead? Turns out Georgia has quite a few wonderful thrift stores for the bargain hunters in us all, and we’ve turned it into a comprehensive and cool road trip experience.

The entire Bargain Hunters road trip in Georgia takes about 2.5 hours, not including shopping time. So, you can ultimately make an entire weekend out of it, or simply spend a day shopping ’til you drop. To check out the entire route, click here.

We stayed a little central for this road trip in order to fit more thrift stores in. Do you have a thrift store in Georgia that wasn’t mentioned that you would like to see on a future road trip? Share with us in the comments section!