It can oftentimes become overwhelming when exploring a new state to even know where to begin. This is where we come in. We wanted to create the ultimate Florida bucket list for anyone looking to visit the state for the very first time. But also, this bucket list can also be useful for residents who want to adventure through their beloved state, enjoying those attractions that they may now have even known existed! Check out some of the best of the best that Florida has to offer both visitors and residents alike.

What’s on your ultimate Florida bucket list? Are there any other mind-blowing places that you think deserve a spot on our list? Please share your comments with us below!

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Ultimate Florida Bucket List

What is the most popular attraction in Florida?

It just goes without saying that one of the premier places to visit in Florida is Disney World. Drawing millions of visitors every year, this is hands-down the most popular attraction in Florida.

What are the most well known parks in Florida?

If you’re curious about the best things to do in Florida, start with some of the state parks. Perhaps the most well-known park in the entire state is the Florida Everglades. This gigantic national park encompasses 1.5-million acres and is quite the adventure.

What is the oldest city in Florida?

Life in Florida can be beautiful, plus it’s riddled with history. Just take a look at St. Augustine, the oldest city in the state. St. Augustine is a real beauty—wandering through the old city streets. Visit St. Augustine during the holidays for a real treat.