This Massive Tree House In Florida Is Actually A Restaurant And You Need To Visit

Did you dream of having a tree house as a kid, but you never got one? Now is your chance to make up for lost time. At Norwood’s Eatery and Treehouse Bar in New Smyrna Beach, you can hang out in the treetops, while enjoying an excellent meal and a perfectly paired glass of wine or a hand-crafted cocktail.

Norwood’s is a longstanding local gem, going back to 1946. Even before it became a popular seafood restaurant, the building had held everything from a piggy bank factory to a mosquito control center since its origin as a Pan Am gas station and general store in 1929.

It evolved once again last year when the owners decided to add this impressive deck right around the huge trees that surround the restaurant. Tables made of tree limbs and big, rustic wooden chairs maintain the Swiss Family Robinson vibe, but the beauty of this unique location lend it an elegant charm. Even though it seems like a fun place to take kids, they will have to stay home for this one. The tree house serves as the restaurant’s upstairs bar, so unfortunately, no one under 21 is permitted.

Norwood’s still specializes in fresh seafood, but now offers just about any upscale dish your little heart desires. The restaurant also touts an impressive wine selection of over 30,000 bottles. The tree house bar serves an abridged small plate menu, but you can always dine downstairs and then move upstairs or visit the treehouse while you wait for your table.

Check out some photos of this unique restaurant and add this experience to your Florida bucket list:

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